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Writing tests is boring and expensive

NOTEST automatically writes e2e / unit / integration / component tests for your web application, so your dev team can focus on building features.
Why you should use NOTEST?

You experience the fear to release a new version of you web application

NOTEST checks your webapp continuously and alerts you if something breaks. Use cases such as login, registration, and your web app main features are checked at each release so things will not break anymore.

Your dev team spends a lot of time writing and maintaining tests

NOTEST generates e2e/user tests, unit tests, integration tests, and visual component tests while your team develops new features. Think of NOTEST as you test co-developer.

Your customer care found a new bug, but it is difficult to debug and to transform it into a test

NOTEST can generate a test from a bug report. You can then fix the bug, and it will automatically re-run the test to make sure it is fixed.